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Your childhood experience of care in Scotland will be listened to and acknowledged. Your voice will contribute to a permanent national record of Scotland’s care history - raising awareness and informing care in future.

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What is the National Confidential Forum?

The Forum is about understanding and acknowledging the experiences of those who of us who were in institutional care in Scotland as a child. You can tell the Members of the Forum about your experiences, including any abuse you may have suffered, how it was dealt with at the time, and the effect these experiences have had.

What we do

The First 18 Months

What We Have Heard So Far

An account of the experiences of children who have been looked after away from home in a variety of institutions, for a variety of reasons, for a variety of length of time.

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Additional Support

Find a list of services that may be of assistance to your if you were in institutional care as a child.

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Why not try the FAQs section of the website, where we answer many common questions.

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