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Our Support Team

Other Members of Our Team

We have a small support staff team who can answer any questions you have before, throughout and after attending the Forum.

The team will also arrange travel or accommodation for you (if required) and will try where possible to respond to the requirements you may have on the day. They will work to try to make sure your time at the Forum is as straightforward as possible.

The team can assist with any calls before application to the Forum; the application itself and are available for any questions you may have after your hearing. They will also be there to guide you through your time at the Forum: from meeting you at the door when you arrive, explaining the process and having a short chat after your hearing to make sure you have access to the support you may need when you leave.

Although the team will not be present in hearings , they are able to guide you towards specialist advice, guidance and support services which you may wish to access before and after your hearing.

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