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Principles & Values

Guiding principles and values

All members of the Forum team follow our guiding principles and values. These include:

  • We will treat you with respect and dignity whatever your circumstances, age, disability (including mental health issues), gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief, or sexual orientation.

  • We are keen to make sure that your rights, and the rights of others are taken into account.

  • We will listen to you, support you in giving your testimony to us and accept  what you tell us.

  • We may ask you questions to help us understand what you tell us.

  • You can ask us questions about the work of the Forum.

  • We will acknowledge any emotions you express  when giving your testimony.

  • We will not judge you.

  • We will be honest about what we can and cannot do in the Forum.

  • We will help you contact people who can offer specialist advice and guidance regarding your time in institutional care in Scotland.

  • We have contacts with a number of organisations and can guide you towards accessing personal support if you feel that is what you want.

  • We will keep your identity confidential before, during and after you take part in the Forum except where we have to disclose.

We believe people’s experiences are most powerfully expressed in their own words and will write reports which use direct quotes from your testimony. Before doing this we will anonymise your testimony, removing your name and any other information which might identify you. The reports will help people better understand and acknowledge what it was like for those in care as children in Scotland and make recommendations to make things better in the future.

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