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Advice & Guidance

Helping you to find the information you need

Although the Forum will be supportive throughout your engagement, we are not an on-going support agency.

If you want, our staff can guide you towards support services which are suitable for you and your needs, as you see them. This may be finding you information about an organisation to help you access your records, putting you in contact with a service that can support you emotionally or directing you towards some practical help.  You can also find information about helpful services in our Support and Advice Directory.

We understand that coming to the Forum can be a big step to take. It may be the first time that you have chosen to talk about your experiences of institutional child care. There may have been some distressing things that happened to you whilst in care that you would like to talk about, but could find it difficult to do so. You may be worried about the consequences of telling the Forum about your experiences.  Our independent, dedicated Support Line is available to you before and after you participate in the Forum.

The support line worker has an understanding of the concerns you may have about attending the Forum. They are there to discuss anything that you would like to raise and assist you in deciding what you would like to do. This may include signposting you onto organisations that can provide you with any support that you feel you might need.


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