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Forum Meeting Minutes November 2019

Forum Meeting Minutes November 2019


Forum Meeting

Date: 18 November 2019                                         Present: (CM 3-4pm), KD, TPT, SB, JL (chair & minutes)                                            Apologies: MR, AB                                                    

Date of next meeting: Monday 10th February 2020

Agenda Item




Actions from last meeting

All recorded actions have been successfully completed.


Group bio for website was uploaded but not all members have read it.







JL will recirculate to TPT and ask JW to check that language used is plain.





JL/TPT/JW by 23rd November 2019


Agenda Item




Feedback from MWC Board

The Forum welcomed MWCs support for improving accessibility and choice of hearing times for CEP. The Forum welcomed MWCs support for review of risk management processes and practice of HC’s. 



In addition MWC asked NCF to review HiM contract and adjust to incorporate an ad hoc arrangement for participants if necessary.


Forum concerned about significant under use of HiM counsellor and the cost of this provision. Forum reviewed the information offered to participants and discussed how this is conveyed. Decision that the communication should be managed by Members at the end of the Hearing.


Reviewed wallet card content and line opening times. Decision that Introductory leaflet must be developed which better conveys the detail of what the counsellor can offer participants. This should include a short bio of the counsellor. Forum members to meet counsellor in person to discuss service further.

GM to lead Review of risk assessment practice and record keeping of HC’s. GM to propose improved processes and oversee implementation of such.


JL to renegotiate HiM contract



Communicate decisions to staff team. 






Invite Counsellor and Manager to next Forum meeting.




GM & Hearing Co-ordinatorsby 7th February 2020


JL & HiMby 10th January 2019




GM/JL by 17th December







JL by 31st December

Agenda Item




Visit from Colin McKay, CEO MWC

CM provided information about the history of MWC’s relationship with NCF from pre forum set up to present. All acknowledged the unusual and complex Governance arrangement - MWC hosts NCF as a committee of MWC – and the circumstances behind this unique structure.


Discussed shared knowledge of current developments and sense of direction of travel, albeit with uncertainty regards dates, and the tension this creates. Discussed NCF response to Public Consultation on Redress.


JL informed all of planned meeting with sponsor at ScotGov on 25th November, and new personnel in the Survivor Support team.








Forum to share response to Consultation with CM




JL to discuss Strategy Planning with ScotGov sponsor as per Animate Report to ensure NCF experience shapes future set up of acknowledgement and apology function within proposed public body.








Forum by Thursday 21st November





JL by 25th November






Agenda Item




Reflective Practice Group


Discussed end of staff RPG and the feedback staff provided on this. Discussed alternatives offered, and the work currently underway with PH, external consultant.


Discussed Forum RPG, what members would like to get from this, and the shape this should take. Agreed this should be facilitated to enable Head to take part as peer in reflective process. Proposal for whole day Forum meetings, which would incorporate RPG in the morning, and include group lunch.






Seek opinions of AB and MR on this proposal.


Identify suitable facilitator







Forum by 31st December



Forum by 31st January

Agenda Item




Government Consultation on Redress


JL had circulated draft in advance of meeting. KD felt response was fair, balanced and matter of fact. TPT unable to access. JL described responses, basis for them, as well as questions NCF not in a position to answer.

Awaiting feedback from AB then submit to consultation team before 25th November


JL recirculate link to TPT

JL by 22nd November




JL by 19 November

Agenda Item






Process Mapping











Communications and Outreach Update






Dates for Forum meetings 2020




All pleased to have completed the mapping exercise this morning. Forum members expressed appreciation of the presentation delivered by PA, Head of Information Governance at MWC.


Following on from earlier discussion, Forum agreed to extend records destruction to 24 weeks and review again in March/April. This should enable current hearings to be fully transcribed and the workflow brought up to date.


JL shared an update from JW on Comms and Outreach activity and impact. Discussed sponsorship with Strathclyde Sirens and Netball Scotland; increase in followers on social media; uptake on press releases; upcoming radio coverage. Members acknowledge the efforts of JW and are delighted with the progress he’s made and the positive impact his work is having.


Recognition that this is the last Forum meeting of 2019 and dates for next year require to be circulated and booked. Essential these occur 2 weeks prior to Board meetings.








Review destruction of records workflow, oversight and record keeping.




Paper to be submitted for next MWC Board meeting.







Ascertain confirmed dates of MWC Board Meetings for 2020 and plan accordingly.








GM with support from PA and Forum Head, by end March 2020.






JW & JL by 2nd December








JL by 30th November

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