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Minutes of Forum Meeting

18th February 2019


National Confidential Forum

Meeting of the Forum Members 

18 February 2019



Minutes of the Meeting


Dr Rachel Happer, Head of the National Confidential Forum (Chair)

Kate Davidson, Member, National Confidential Forum

Tara Pennington-Twist, Member, National Confidential Forum


In Attendance

Safaa Baxter, Deputy Chair, Mental Welfare Commission

Jamie Malcolm, Interim Manager



Moira Ramage, Member, National Confidential Forum

Aileen Blower, Member, National Confidential Forum


1. Welcome and Apologies

The Chair welcomed recently appointed Member Tara Pennington-Twist and noted that Jamie Malcolm (former Member) had returned for three months as interim manager over the period of staff transition while the new head and manager appointments are made.


2. Minutes from the previous meeting

The minutes from the previous Forum meeting on 26 November 2018 were approved.


3. Matters Arising

No matters arising


4. NCF Report update

Jamie Malcolm gave an update on the production of the Forum’s Report. Progress was being made on the completion of transcripts to allow the Research Associate to complete the coding of all the hearings that had taken place during the review period. A new plan with timescales had been prepared with the intention of presenting a draft report to the MWC Board Meeting at the end of April. There was discussion about the design of the report and input from critical readers.






5. NCF Review process and update

Rachel Happer gave an update on the review of the NCF noting that a report had been prepared by the external consultant. Jamie Malcolm noted that the output of this report would inform a review of the Forum’s hearing process.



6. NCF External Review Update

Rachel Happer gave an update on the External Review of the NCF stressing the importance of listening to external views on the function of the Forum. The review group is scheduled to have one more meeting and is due to report in April 2019


7. Staffing update

Jamie Malcolm noted that Gregor Leishman (Engagement Co-ordinator) had left and reported that the recruitment of a new manager and engagement co-ordinator was under way.


8. AOB

Kate Davidson asked about the arrangements for communicating information about participants prior to hearings. She had a view that Hearing Co-ordinators should proactively communicate information about the participants prior to the hearing. Jamie Malcolm arrangements for communicating with participants in the lead up to a hearing. It was agreed that further discussion about the process was required.


There was discussion about the importance and benefits of Members having an opportunity to meet together on a regular basis. It was noted that having four Members working one day a week did mean that there were challenges in getting everyone together on the same day. Jamie Malcolm undertook to make proposals for regular meetings.


9. Date of Next Meeting

The next Forum Meeting will take place on Monday 8th April 2018 at 2pm.

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