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Preparing for a Hearing

What We Have Heard is Helpful

We have put together some information which might help you to prepare for your hearing. This is based on feedback received from those who have been to the Forum. We hope this is helpful for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is completely up to you what you would like to tell us at the Forum. You can talk about anything that you think is important. Below are some things that people who have attended the Forum have said they found useful.

  • Write down bullet points about what I want to say and bring it with me.
  • Draw a picture to help explain what I want to say.
  • Use my support worker to help me write out what I want to say.
  • Talking to the advice and guidance line about what I want to say
  • Asking if the members of the Forum can ask me some prompting questions if I get stuck.
  • Take breaks during my hearing to have time out to stop and think about what I still want to say.
  • Knowing I don’t need to start talking about the most difficult experience.
  • Knowing If I get there and don’t feel able to talk about some of the things I wanted to then I don’t need to as it is up to me what I say.
  • Bringing documents from my time in care to help me explain what I want to say.

Give Us a Call

People have said they find it helpful to call the support staff before they attend their hearing. You can discuss the following things to help you prepare for the day:

  • Travel arrangements: The Forum staff can arrange travel for you or you can arrange and we will reimburse the cost on the day of your hearing.
  • What to expect: The Forum staff can discuss what the rooms look like and who you will meet on the day.
  • Special arrangements: The Forum staff can discuss anything that would make it a more comfortable experience for you.
  • Supporters: The Forum staff can discuss if you want the supporter to come into the room with you or if you want them to sit in another room.
  • Concerns: The Forum staff can discuss any concerns you may have about attending.

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