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The Lifelong Impact of Care

The Lifelong Impact of Care

Posted by: admin | 10 October 2016| Categories: Case Studies

It is widely believed that our childhood experiences have a powerful effect on our later life.  Adults generally try to protect the physical, social and ideological environment of children.  Often a child’s innocence is protected so they can experience their childhood without the issues and stresses of adult life. Unfortunately, for children in care this is seldom the case.

If you had the option of two films to show to a child, which would you pick a Disney film or a gritty real life drama? You would pick a Disney film; it’s upbeat and fun and fair, the good guys always win. But some children don’t get this choice, they are shown the gritty real life drama.  They realise life isn’t fair. Bad things can happen.

The care system was established to protect children. We have heard from some people who said that being in care was the best place for them, their home life was chaotic and for some it was the first time they knew what it felt to be cared for. Sadly, for some children in care they were exposed to harm and abuse that has had an impact on their adult life.

Homelessness, addiction, offending behaviour, poor education, breakdown in family relations and mental health problems are some of the issues people can face in their adulthood after being raised in long-term care.

It is important that the Forum hears from as many people who experienced life in care in Scotland, so a representation of the care system can be created for our National Records. And give people the opportunity to be heard and tell us exactly what it was like for them, all aspects, good and bad.

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