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What child care services should know about the impact of care

What child care services should know about the impact of care

Posted by: admin | 31 October 2016| Categories: Team News

What child care services should know about the impact of care


It would seem that it might not be so much the case of what child care services should know but more what they should acknowledge.


At the Forum we have heard various accounts from people raised in long term care and the impact this has had on their adult life. We have heard examples of incidents where people have not provided the care that they were employed to provide and have violated their positions. We have also been told that training and recruitment for people working with children needs to be better controlled and that people should be employed based on their morals and values than for their qualifications. The Forum has heard positive comments too from people who have acknowledged the impact of when a care worker has done the right thing for them as a child and the difference this has made to their life.


Of course, improvements have been made; child services are regularly inspected by the Care Inspectorate and follow new legislations brought in to protect children, such as the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014

and Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). The PVG Scheme is also in place to check on a workers criminal history.


However it has been suggested that the best experiences for children comes from well qualified staff. The Innovative Childhood Practice Award is one of the first work-based awards in Scotland that is built on vocational qualifications and the experience people have gained in their career so far. The award allows early years and child care workers to follow courses with an appropriate balance of leaning related to their professional knowledge and understanding, skills and abilities. The qualification was developed by the Standard for Childhood Practice to allow all managers the same regulatory requirements, ensuring better outcomes for children.


We have already seen improvements and changes to the care system but the Forum still want to hear what care experienced people have to say about their experience, what they felt worked and what didn’t, as well as having the opportunity to suggest things that they would like to see change. The Forum will be reporting back directly to the Scottish Government to help make changes for children and care workers in the future. 

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