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Give Children a Voice

Give Children a Voice

Posted by: admin | 10 January 2017| Categories: Team News

Self-expression can be therapeutic, it can help a person form their identity, what they say and what they stand for. These days’ people can express who they are by posting words, videos and photos on social media, portraying who they are, when they want, to who they want.

Social media can help amplify a person’s voice and give them the confidence to say what they feel and say it in an environment where they feel safe and confident. We know that speaking out gives people the control they need,  young people who are in care often feel they have no control over certain aspects of their life so expressing themselves social media can sometimes be the perfect place.

Independence and self-determination help build a person’s self-esteem, being heard allows people to feel like what they have to say matters, that they are important and have control over their future. In care, there is a strong sense that a child’s life is already mapped out for them, that they will go down a certain path because of their circumstances. The Forum have heard from people that they have felt written off because they were in care, and that they are a victim of a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’.  If we could do more to make sure young people are made to feel that they matter, that they have options this can build confidence, help them aim higher and expect more from themselves.

Imagine the frustration of feeling invisible, that you had no voice, no one to listen, no control. If we allow young people in care now and people who were in care in the past to talk and speak about their experiences, we give them back the control and the confidence to move forward in life with a positive outlook. This is what the Forum is here to do, to give people a voice and be heard. 

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