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Reflecting on the Launch of ‘What We Have Heard So Far’

Reflecting on the Launch of ‘What We Have Heard So Far’

Posted by: admin | 23 January 2017| Categories: Team News , Case Studies

On the Tuesday 10th January, we launched ‘The First 18 Months, What We Have Heard So Far’, which shares the experiences of adults who have so far spoken to the Forum about their time in care as children. We wanted people to know what others were sharing with us, reflect on what we have heard and share our recommendations for the future.

The number of enquires we received throughout the week of the launch is more than the number we generally receive in a three month period. The calls from people confirmed what we suspected, that people do want to share their experiences, but didn’t know we were here or weren’t sure if the Forum was right for them.

On the days following the launch, the media coverage we received not only prompted people to talk to the Forum, but also brought back emotional memories from their own time in care. You could sense the impact it had on them.  We each took time to listen, reassure and help people make a decision that was right for them. Some people we spoke to felt ‘What We Have Heard So Far’ didn’t go far enough into people’s experiences, but they were still positive about its publication.  Overall, sharing the testimonies of others seems to have had a powerful and positive impact on people who we’ve spoken to us so far. We hope that more people will get in touch and share their experience to help make care better for children in the future.

The Forum is hosting three events in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen in February, to talk about ‘What We Have Heard So Far’. We want to encourage care experienced people who have already spoken to the Forum or those who might be interested in speaking to the Forum in the future to join the discussion.

The events may also be of interest to individuals and organisations who work with care experienced people or whose work impacts on care experienced people. If you would like to come along or if you would like more information, please give us a call - 0141 352 2333 or 0800 121 4773.

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