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Learning to listen - Blog

Learning to listen - Blog

Posted by: admin | 10 November 2017| Categories: Reports

During September the Forum went to several Fresher Fairs including Glasgow City College, Glasgow Clyde Colleges (Anniesland, Cardonald and Langside) and Aberdeen College City Campus. Along with a Health and Wellbeing event that was hosted by South Lanarkshire College which we attended for two days.

The purpose of this was of course to reach out to care leavers of a younger demographic as many people who have attended the Forum have not spoke about their care until much later in life and we wish to capture the younger care experienced as well and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so as they would be there in abundance.  Those who have already given us their testimony stated that education can be greatly affected by time spent in care so it would also be interesting to meet those who were currently furthering their education.

We went equipped with the usual tempting freebies of sweets, pens and post it notes which of course were swopped upon which was of no surprise to us. Well how fast the sweets went actually was a surprise.

However what hadn’t occurred to us at the Forum was how our interim report “What We’ve Heard So Far” could be used as an informative resource for those studying in Health and Social Care.  At the time of writing we knew it held important information with regards the key themes that we were hearing about individuals time in care and the lifelong impact this had had in some cases. We knew that this would be important when it would come to future reports where we will identify lessons we can learn from these experiences and how this learning could then help influence legislation in the future according to the recommendations we would make based on the information we had gathered.

However at the College and University students were keen to take copies of our report to use as a learning tool and to inform their practice while they were still in the process of gaining knowledge and skills.

The hope is that long after the sweets have been eaten, the pens have ran dry and the post its no longer stick that some of the knowledge and understanding from ‘What We’re Heard So Far’ about how individuals care experiences impact on them as a child and then as an adult sticks in the minds of those who can help make a difference in the future from learning to listen to the past.

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