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Call For Written Testimonies

Call For Written Testimonies

Posted by: admin | 24 January 2019| Categories: Case Studies , Events , Team News

National Confidential Forum Calls For Written Testimonies 


 People who spent time in institutional care in Scotland as children are being encouraged to share their experience in written form with the National Confidential Forum (NCF).


The independent body, which was set up in August 2014, is funded by Scottish Ministers and NCF has listened to the experiences of over 100 participants to date.  Their testimonies will be used anonymously to create a national record of care, and to help shape the future of care in Scotland.


Dr. Rachel Happer, Head of the Forum said: “Writing can be powerful. Some have chosen to provide a written account because they prefer to build their story little by little over time; some want their experiences on record, but do not want to be face-to-face with people; some simply prefer to communicate on paper. 

NCF has received several written testimonies from participants, including one person who shared the first draft of their book about the story of their life. Feedback shows that people welcome the option of writing down their experience, with one participant saying ““Writing all this has been therapeutic and I apologise for the length of my testimony”, another said: “I entered care without an account of my history.  The lack of official records confirmed I was a nobody.  This has helped me build up my history.  I am not a nobody now.”


Dr Happer continued: “Written testimonies are as powerful as spoken ones; it is importance for people to choose their way of expressing their history.”


Anyone who spent time in institutional care in Scotland as a child can share their experience with the Forum.  They must be over 16 years old and no longer in care.

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