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Privacy policy

Information on how the Forum manages personal information can be found in our privacy policy.

This privacy policy tells you how we at the Forum deal with any information which you give us. It applies to any information that you provide us – from your initial enquiry to anything you say or send to us. It explains your rights over that information whether or not you decide to take part in the Forum. It explains:

  1. What your rights are
  2. What information we collect when you contact us or make an enquiry
  3. What information we collect about you when you apply to the Forum
  4. What information we collect about you when you take part in the Forum
  5. What we will use this information for
  6. Who will see the information
  7. How we will store the information and keep it safe
  8. How you give consent and what that means for you

You can request to see your personal information and have it corrected or deleted by contacting Forum staff on 0141 352 2333. If at any stage you wish not to be contacted, let us know and we will respect that.

You can opt out of taking part in the Forum at any stage. You can also change your mind and withdraw your consent for us to handle your information whilst it still identifies you personally.

If you have any concerns about how we handle your data please contact the Forum’s Project Manager on 0141 352 2333 in the first instance.

The Mental Welfare Commission is our data controller. You can contact the Commission’s Data Protection Officer on 0131 313 8777 if you wish to raise a complaint about how we have handled your personal data. 

Read our full privacy policy here.



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