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Check if You Are Eligible

Is It For Me?

You can take part in the Forum regardless of where you live now. Just as long as you stayed one night or more in any of the following institutions in Scotland, are over 16 years old (there is no upper age limit) and are no longer in the institution you want to talk about.

  • An orphanage
  • Children’s home
  • Hospital
  • Residential unit
  • Boarding School
  • School hostel
  • List D schools
  • Residential schools
  • Young offenders institutes
  • Approved schools
  • Convalescent homes

This list does not include all institutions.  If you cannot see the type of institution you were in, please call us for more information.

You can find a more comprehensive list of types of institutions categorised as health services and care services.

If you want to take part you must apply first.

Additional Support

Find a list of services that may be of assistance if you were in institutional care as a child.

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Why not try the FAQs section of the website, where we answer many common questions.

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