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What We've Heard

Scottish experiences of before, during and after care

What we’ve heard

The final reports from the National Confidential Forum have now been released.

These reports form part of the Forum’s statutory obligation to report on their findings from the confidential testimonies heard since it was set up as part of the Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014.

One report ‘Shining a Light on Care’ includes Policy and Practice recommendations to Scottish Government, while the other, ‘My Message for Scotland’ includes direct quotes shared with Forum members by survivors of historic institutional care in Scotland.

While some of the testimonies are hard to read, they will have been infinitely harder to tell, and our wish now is that the collective voice of those who have come forward is heard, acknowledged and respected so that together we may drive real change both for care experienced adults and for the children and young people who spend time in care in the future.

A PDF version of each report is available to download from this website. Please read it and consider the positive steps you can take to support our recommendations to improve the experience for all people in care, regardless of age.

We would like to thank all those people who came forward to tell us about their experience of care and who made the publication of these reports possible. Thanks to their bravery, the future care of children in Scotland will be improved.

Additional Support

Find a list of services that may be of assistance if you were in institutional care as a child.

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