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Protecting Your Privacy

In this section you will find out how the Forum handles information and the circumstances in which it may have to disclose to the Police.

Further details of this can be found in the Forum's Privacy Policy.



What will happen if you speak about a crime

We will keep your testimony private and confidential but there are exceptions where we must disclose or may disclose the information you give us.

We must disclose information where:

  • Disclosure is necessary to prevent crimes of abuse against a child or a vulnerable adult (You may tell us something during your testimony which means there could be harm to a child now- for example, information about an alleged abuser who could still be working with children. If you do we must disclose this information to the police. We aim always to discuss with you the best way to do this).
  • Disclosure relates to allegations of crimes of abuse in the past against a child or a vulnerable adult (You may tell us something during your testimony about harm that was done to you or another person in the past. We may if we consider it in the public interest pass on this information to the Police. We aim always to discuss with you the best way to do this).
  • Where a judge orders the Forum to disclose.
Your Testimony

Your Testimony

How your testimony will be stored and used


The recording of your testimony will be kept for 14 days from the date of your hearing so that you can come back and listen to what you said if you want to. If you submit written testimony to us we will enter the information into our database in the same way we would have done if you had given testimony in person.

We will collect and store information anonymously in a specialised, secure system called a database. Once this information has been entered into the database all recordings and notes will be destroyed. When we use direct quotes from you, people reading our reports will not be able to identify you but you may be able to identify yourself.

If you bring any personal documents to the Forum (for example photographs or letters), these will be returned to you at the end of your hearing. No copies will be kept by the Forum.


We know it is important to keep your personal information securely. So we will ensure your privacy and confidentiality in the following ways:

  • The Forum offices are securely locked and can only be accessed by Forum staff
  • Written notes are stored in a safe until destroyed.
  • All IT systems are password protected and encrypted. These can only be accessed by authorised Forum staff).
  • All Forum staff are trained on Data Protection policy and practice and follow strict guidelines.


When we use your information for our reports we will remove all references to individuals or anything that might identify you or others or any institutions. The reports from the Forum and the recommendations will be based on the testimony of those who take part.  These recommendations may talk about wider issues and problems.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Your personal details and information

Under the Data Protection Act organisations must deal with personal data fairly and lawfully and must uphold an individual’s right to privacy. The Forum collects and uses information about you for the specific purposes of the Forum. We will:

  • Only take relevant information from you (that is information that we need so that you can take part in the Forum)
  • Store this information securely and confidentially
  • Only use information for the reason(s) we have told you and not for any other reason
  • Not keep your information for longer than we need to

You can read our full privacy policy here

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